Print on demand set almost ready.


144 creative disciplines, now clearly labeled per category. 16 categories defined.


Working on the packaging at Pangloss Labs

Together with other Pangloss Labs members, Addictlab invested in a laser cutter. This allows us to test possible packaging concepts for the Creative Chemistry Card deck.

The first prototype was recently produced and shows some flaws, but also shows the potential. (see pic)

The cards in this wooden ‘tray’ concept can be easily transported, and remain with their respective categories. The wooden panel contains places for the different categories, a spot to put the cards upright, and a bigger space for the different Manual cards (explaining how to play). It also boasts two slots for empty cards and profile cards.

We believe this also solves an issue for when multiple people are looking for their cards with only one deck available.

The idea is to create one wooden ‘tray’ per set of cards. A full set, today, would thus give you three trays : one with all the red human creative disciplines, one with all the blue character cards, and one – to be developed – set with icons.

Next try will be with a CNC cutter, in order to avoid the burning on the sides by the laser cutter. It would also solve the issue of the bottom plate, that now needs to be glued and cut as well. We’d skip a step. Adding the texts and logo’s, however, should still be done on the laser cutter.




Testing the cards at Geneva Impact Hub


Addictlab friends and members came together in December to test the current state of the Creative Chemistry Card deck.

Main goal was to see whether the cards could play a role in breaking the ice in a group of people who do not know each other, revealing information on every individual.

Tests resulted in the following: we’ve added some new elements. The ‘Story Telling‘ board was a success : people seemed to appreciate the fact that they needed to limit them selves to only 4 ( 3 + 1 character) cards.

The Skills & Passion board was too small, and especially the intersection space (both skills and passion) was not big enough.

Questions came to introduce a colour code for the character-cards, but that seems not feasible, as the Capabilities card deck already is structured using different colours.

Cleaning up the cards  – and finding the right ones – was an issue, so that’s why the current packaging design allows for a better structure per main category.

Each pack should have empty cards.

Profiling : some boards ask for a name to be filled in, or added before taking a picture. Different ways to solve this:

  • simple post it stuck on dedicated space
  • profile cards created by facilitator (ask for more info)
  • profile cards created online (to be developed)